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Our inspection services for manufacturers and end users include:

Objective, thorough and knowledgeable in all relevant codes.

There are many reasons to hire a CWI. Among the chief benefits, an independent and experienced CWI can:

 Streamline your welding quality program, including welder certification and qualification, plus welding procedures and processes.

 Help your welders pass their qualification tests by training or advising them in proper test procedures, even passing along some “tips of the trade.”

 Identify and correct a degradation of welding processes and procedures, which happens often on repetitive jobs.

 Act as a liaison between management and the shop floor to reduce or avoid conflicts or misunderstandings, improving lines of communication.

 Partner with you to help you understand the requirements that your current and prospective customers demand.

 Provide objective and impartial feedback, suggestions and advice on a consistent basis.

Why hire an independent CWI?