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From the earliest stages of my career, I realized that integrity is very important – not only welding integrity, but personal integrity as well.

Having served in every aspect of the welding industry, I have a broad perspective on the issue. As a manufacturer, I learned that the integrity or quality of my products is of the utmost importance. This also applies to the integrity of the individual. I have experienced firsthand the decisions that have to be made where integrity played a vital role, or at times certainly should have.

As a welding supply distributor, I understood the importance of integrity through the product, process or method I was recommending. I realized that I was my customers’ trusted adviser, and as such, my personal integrity was paramount.

My personal integrity was ultimately linked to my customers’ weld integrity. This notion was confirmed when I moved into an application/CWI role with a major welding and cutting manufacturer. It was with this company that I came to observe the disconnect among manufacturers, distributors and company owners, supervisors, managers, foremen and welders. I realized there was a need in the industry to bridge these gaps to improve products, processes and ultimately results.

From that idea, Moore Weld Professional Services was launched. I created this company to bring integrity to you – not only in the quality of my services, but in the quality of our working relationship.

Joseph Moore, CWI/CWE/CW