Does Your Weld Meet the Right Criteria?

Arrange for weld testing from an expert inspector based in Monticello, GA

If you're advertising a certain quality of weld to your customers, you should be confident that you can deliver. Moore Weld Professional Services, LLC conducts both non-destructive and destructive weld testing for clients in Monticello, GA and the surrounding areas. We'll test your weld to make sure you're creating high-quality pieces for your eager customers.

You can trust that we'll be thorough. We use various testing methods and even ultrasound equipment to ensure your weld meets compliance codes. Call 678-986-6510 now to schedule weld testing services.

Discover our 5 types of testing

Discover our 5 types of testing

You can choose from non-destructive or destructive weld testing techniques depending on the product and your preferences. We offer five types of weld testing, including...

  1. Visual Testing (VT) - for this test, we look at the weld for imperfections either by eye or with a magnifier.
  2. Penetrant Testing (PT) - this testing uses liquid to detect hairline cracks, leaks and surface porosity in the weld.
  3. Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) - this non-destructive test uses a magnetic field to detect surface and subsurface discontinuities.
  4. Guided Bend Testing - this test establishes the soundness of a groove in your weld by checking the angles according to specification requirements.
  5. Macro Etch Testing - this test checks the weld by revealing the structure of the base material then etching it to see if there are irregularities.

  6. You'll be able to confidently say that your weld is high-quality after passing our quality checks. Schedule weld testing services today.