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Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc is a highly experienced Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) offering consulting and inspection services for a range of welding and cutting processes and procedures since 2014. We offer diligent, compliant, and affordable inspection, consulting, certification, and training services.

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Weld Inspection Services

We are pleased to offer all professionals in the welding industry a full suite of inspection services. Among our staple services are:

  • NDT inspections
  • Incoming materials inspections
  • Verification inspections
  • Destructive inspections
  • VT—visual testing
  • PT—penetrant testing
  • MT—magnetic particle testing
  • Guided bend testing
  • Macroetch testing

No job is too big or too small for our AWS (American Welding Society)-designated welding inspectors. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line with your inquiries.

Consult with a CWI Professional

In our field, we refuse to settle for cookie-cutter solutions. We recognize that our clients need individualized support and assistance, and we exist to deliver it. Part of the reason we stand alone in the local industry is the personalized service we provide. We build long-lasting client relationships on a foundation of mutual understanding and trust. We form that foundation from the very beginning, starting with a no-obligation consultation.

We invite you to reach out to us by phone. One of our CWIs will connect with you and discuss your unique needs and time requirements in detail. We’ll chat about how we can help inspect your shop or equipment according to industry standards on a scheduled program. We’ll talk about our latest weld qualification tests and how you can partake. Whether you’re in need of inspection, consulting, certification, or training, you can rest assured that before you commit to anything, we’ll present you with a complimentary cost estimate of the service.

How We Do Inspections

When Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc comes for a weld inspection job, our experts always follow certain procedures to ensure that you're operating in the best conditions and keeping your space and all equipment as safe as possible. Some of our clients are especially concerned with how our inspections could impact their day-to-day routine. To put your mind at ease, we want to walk you through the basic steps of our weld inspections.

Our inspections follow these steps:

Inspection prior to beginning weld

We always follow a checklist before welding begins to ensure the proper procedures are being followed. We check your drawings and specifications, your materials, joint suitability, and cleanliness and determine whether preheating is necessary. This ensures that every weld is completed correctly, with the proper preparation.

Inspection during weld

We always keep an eye on the handiwork of your welders during the welding process. It's essential that all regulations and guidelines are followed. We watch for proper voltage, wire feed speed, welding technique, and more. We constantly check the weld passes, ensuring every pass is satisfactory before the next is applied. We also look for surface contaminants that can damage the integrity of a weld.

Inspection post-welding

Once the weld is completed, we again have a checklist of problems to look for. No matter how closely we monitored the preparation and process, it's important that we ensure the quality of the end result. We check the weld appearance to ensure there are no inconsistencies in quality, that it's the proper size, and that the weld length is suitable. We also test certain parts to make sure they meet the specifications for safety.

It can take some time to determine that welds are up to the proper standard, but since safety is always the top priority, we think it's important that you take the time to make sure there are no potential hazards. We always follow the proper procedure to ensure your welds are perfect and do so as efficiently as possible, so you can continue with your work. If you want to partner with an inspector that always does the job properly, reach out to our team to book a welding inspection today!

Navigating Challenges With a Certified Welding Inspector Near Me

With their vast range of complexities and unique demands, welding projects often present many technical challenges that can intimidate even the most seasoned project teams. From high-pressure environments to the use of exotic materials, each project demands a level of specialization and expertise that goes beyond the ordinary.

Understanding these challenges and how our certified welder inspectors navigate and resolve them is crucial for ensuring the success and integrity of any project.

Specialized Knowledge for Complex Welding Projects

At the core of addressing technical challenges is the specialized knowledge that our certified welding inspectors bring to the table. With rigorous training and extensive experience in the latest welding technologies and techniques, our professionals have a deep understanding of how to tackle even the most daunting projects.

Whether it’s working with advanced alloys, dealing with intricate designs, or ensuring compliance with strict industry standards, we’re equipped with the expertise necessary to navigate these complexities.

Customized Weld Inspection Strategies

Each unique or complex welding project requires a tailored approach to inspection and quality assurance. Thanks to our welding inspector certification, our team can develop customized inspection strategies that account for your project’s specific requirements and challenges.

This might involve advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, specialized tools for measuring weld quality, or innovative techniques for detecting potential weaknesses. By adapting our approach to fit your project’s unique demands, we provide more accurate assessments and actionable insights, ensuring that each phase of your project meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Problem-Solving and Consultation to Improve Welding Processes

Technical challenges often require more than just identification—they demand solutions. Our welding inspectors offer valuable problem-solving capabilities, providing consultation and advice on overcoming obstacles and improving welding processes.

After performing a certified welding inspector test, our team may recommend alternative materials, suggest adjustments to welding parameters, or advise on implementing cutting-edge welding technologies. Our knowledgeable inspectors are pivotal in guiding projects through technical hurdles towards successful completion—a handy resource for many industries.

Prevent Delays With Our Certified Welding Supervisors

Project delays in construction and fabrication can cause significant setbacks that ripple through timelines and budgets. The impact of these delays is more than a matter of rescheduled plans—it’s a domino effect of increased costs, strained relationships, and missed opportunities.

In this high-stakes environment, clients are in urgent need of efficient, reliable services that keep their projects on schedule while elevating the standard of quality and accountability. This is where the expertise of our certified welding inspectors becomes invaluable.

Our professionals provide valuable peace of mind with a deep understanding of the intricacies of welding inspection, certification, and testing and a commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry standards and regulations. We ensure that every weld, joint, and seam contributes to the strength and durability of your project, steering it clear of the pitfalls of delays and toward the finish line of success.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of partnering with us for a wide range of weld engineering services? We invite you to connect with our representatives today to schedule a consultation appointment.

Welding Inspection Companies Are a Valuable Resource

As a business owner, you know that quality control is essential to produce a product that meets or exceeds your customer's expectations. In the welding industry, hiring a welding inspector is one of the best ways to ensure quality control and improve your final product.

Certified welding inspectors (CWIs) are trained professionals who have the skills and knowledge to properly analyze welds. They use a variety of methods to examine welds, including visual inspections, X-ray, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, and dye penetrant testing. CWIs also have access to professional welding inspection tools that give them the complete picture of a weld's quality and durability.

The benefits of having a certified welding inspector work with your business are numerous. They can help you save money by avoiding costly rework or scrap, ensuring safety standards compliance, improving communication between the shop floor and the office, and providing an independent assessment of your welding operation.

If you're considering hiring a welding inspector for your business, Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc is a dependable choice. We're certified through the American Welding Society (AWS) and have a history of success that can help you feel confident in our abilities.

Who Needs a Certified Welding Inspection?

Welding is a critical process in the fabrication of metal products and an important part of many industries. Poorly executed welds can result in dangerous and defective products, which is why it's so important to have a certified welding inspection performed by a qualified professional.

A third-party welding assessment is especially important for businesses that manufacture products used in high-stress applications, such as bridges or pressure vessels. These products must meet stringent safety standards, and a CWI can help ensure they're up to the task.

If you're not sure whether your welding needs to be inspected, consider these factors:

  • The size and complexity of the welding project: Larger, more complex projects are more likely to benefit from an in-depth inspection.
  • The importance of the project: If the project is critical to your business or has strict safety requirements, it's worth investing in a certified assessment.
  • Your company's experience level: If your company is new to welding or lacks experience with complex projects, a CWI can provide valuable insights and help ensure the project is done correctly.

The bottom line is that if you're unsure whether a CWI is suitable for your project, it's always best to consult with a qualified expert. If you have any questions for our inspectors, please get in touch with us to discuss your situation.

What We Look for During Our Welding Assessments

There are a variety of factors that we take into consideration when performing an inspection, including:

  • The type of welding being performed.
  • The materials being used.
  • The welder's qualifications.
  • The equipment being used.
  • The welding procedure being followed.

We'll also assess the overall quality of the weld, looking for any defects or imperfections. We can help you produce high-quality welds that meet your specific requirements by ensuring that all these factors are up to par.

Weld Inspection Excellence

Nothing is more important to us than welding integrity. We leverage over two decades of industry experience and multiple AWS designations to provide our clients with cutting-edge inspection services. Our in-house specialties are numerous and varied. They include plasma welding, machining, stamping, oxyfuel cutting, synergic gas metal arc welding, and more.

When you need superior welding quality assurance, you need Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc in your corner.

High-Quality Weld Inspection Reporting

Our reports are renowned as being some of the most thorough and customized reports in the Atlanta region. After we’ve assessed your project, materials, or facility, we will draft a specially formatted, official document to present our findings to you. In many cases, we will include digital photographs and auto cad drawings for added clarity. We will provide you with all the information you need to make judicious decisions concerning the management of your welding facility in full confidence.

Guarantee Safety with Welding Inspections

When you're looking to ensure safety at your industrial site, it's important that you always know the quality of the welding jobs being performed. Faulty welding can lead to serious damage, either immediately or over time, as the bonds degrade. This damage can cause significant problems that affect the integrity and safety of the pieces and put people in harm's way.

At Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc, we always put safety first. We also understand that this is one of your top priorities. With our aligned safety goals, we can provide you with professional welding inspections that ensure all welds are up to standard. Our experience and expertise will ensure you can rest easy in the safety of your facility, knowing that any welding work is thoroughly inspected and vetted.

To guarantee safer equipment and maintain the effectiveness of your shop, trust our team. Reach out to us today for an inspection.

Keen-Eyed Welding Inspectors

We never want to let anything get past our weld testing. Our certified inspectors never rush through any of their work and utilize their in-depth training to locate any potential issues with your materials. After one of our weld quality inspections, you can feel confident in the strength of your equipment and operate at full capacity.

Welding Inspections That Won't Interrupt Your Operation

Although welding inspections are an important part of your quality control, they can also slow down production. That being said, this never has to be a concern when you trust your testing with Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc. Our advanced equipment and professional knowledge ensure that our inspections are always conducted efficiently, and our courteous approach means we will never get in the way.

Passionate Welding Professionals

At Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that proper welding standards are maintained throughout our local area. From our dependable inspections to our training and certification programs, we are continually working on teaching others and preventing any issues from happening.

By caring about the services we offer to customers, we are more readily able to regulate the quality of the work that we provide. When the people who work for us understand the importance of the work they are doing and care about it, the quality of the inspections goes up.

Because we both care and understand the potential implications of doing a job incorrectly, you can count on the inspectors from our team to be as thorough as you can find in Atlanta. Get in touch with our team today for the most highly communicative, transparent, and competitively priced welding inspectors around.

Welding Inspectors with a History of Reliability

When hiring someone to conduct a visual welding inspection, it is important to go with a company that you can trust. With that in mind, we pride ourselves on our consistent track record of excellence with all of our services. We will never take any shortcuts with your inspections and do everything necessary in order for us to feel comfortable staking our name on the report.

Welding Inspection Reports That You Can Understand

We prioritize open communication with our services, which allows us to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings with the information that we provide. After we have performed a thorough analysis of your welds, we will gladly consult with you and clear up any questions or concerns about our findings.

We won't load our reports with technical jargon that is difficult to understand. We will explain everything to you as it is, in layman's terms so that nothing is left misunderstood. Our goal is to thoroughly inspect the state of your welding, then communicate that to you so you know exactly where you stand and what your next move is.

To convince you that we are the team for the job, we offer the most affordable welding inspection services around. We want to show you just the level of service you can get for your dollar. There is never a wrong time to call Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc for an inspection, so get ahold of us today to get started.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses with Our Certified Welding Inspections

We pride ourselves on our budget-friendly prices on our welding evaluations. We don't want any production facility to have to choose between making responsible financial decisions and staying up to date on the strength of their equipment. Additionally, letting weak welds persist in your production line could result in costly issues down the line, and regular inspections can help you avoid this.

We are the team to let you know exactly where you stand with your welding. We have nothing to hide. During the inspection process, in our vast experience, we have come to understand that our clients deserve transparency, and that is precisely what we are here to provide. There is no sense telling you "what you want to hear" when your safety is involved. We take our job seriously, which is why we are always thorough in our inspections.

To understand exactly where you stand with your welding and get an update on when you will need your following inspection, the only team you should trust in Atlanta is Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc.

Expedited Welding Inspections

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your productivity in order to ensure the safety of your operation. Not only are we experts at identifying any shortcomings with welding procedures, but we also make sure to get it done without wasting any time. You can rest assured that we will provide you with an accurate assessment as quickly as possible, allowing you to get back in business with a clear mind.

If you need a welding inspection, it is clearly for something important. Just let us know when you need our help, and we will do our best for you every time. Being secure in the state of the welding on your equipment is incredibly important. We are the team that will help ensure your safety. Through completing vigorous visual inspections, chemical inspections, magnetic inspections, and more. We can thoroughly conduct the assessment you need and do it quickly with more than ten welding inspection methods.

For convenient welding inspection service, please contact our team today.

Easy to Schedule Welding Inspections

As part of our ongoing efforts to accommodate our clientele, we make sure that our scheduling process is quick and convenient. Simply get in touch with our staff with the details of the services you need, and we will help you find the nearest opening in our schedule that makes sense for you.

Whatever you need our welding inspection for is undoubtedly a small part of a bigger system, and we understand that. We know that you are always busy, so we will do our best to accommodate you by coming for a welding inspection whenever is most convenient for you.

Just give us a call, let us know when the ideal time for an inspection, and we will be there to assist you at the appointed time. If something comes up where we cannot adhere to the appointment, we will give you ample notice and help reschedule for a better time.

Welding Inspector Serving Many Industries

Atlanta-based welding contractors look to us when they need a professional inspection. We have performed inspections in numerous facilities across a broad scope of industries to oversee the quality of their work.

Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Aerospace
  • Commercial construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Many more

If the inspection involves a welded product, we're happy to inspect it despite the industry or company to help keep the welding industry in compliance. Do you need a welding inspector to perform an inspection? Enlist our licensed and certified services now.

Ensuring the Quality and Strength of Your Welding Work

Our inspections play a vital role in your welds. We are responsible for ensuring product quality and safety so your clients can use it safely. As a licensed inspector company, we adhere to industry specifications and follow an inspection plan to help you avoid repairs and costly project delays down the road.

When we oversee your weld, our inspections will isolate any deficiencies and errors that significantly reduce its quality, thus rendering it unsafe for public use. Ultimately, we double-check every inch and joint of the welding work to ensure longevity, safety, and code compliance. Our inspections will help you avoid costly repairs and ensure the quality and strength of your welds.

If you need a certified welding inspector who will thoroughly analyze your work, Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc is a leading local company.

Understanding the Role of a Welding Inspector Company

Simply put, the role of Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc is to assess the quality, strength, and safety of a welding project and ensure it's ready for public use. We investigate the connections and bonds between metals to determine the degree of adhesiveness. To ensure the quality of our work, we use state-of-the-art visual tools and electrical instruments to inspect the quality and safety of bonds and connections. If you manage a welding company, hiring a certified inspector is essential. When you partner with us, our inspections will ensure quality and safety so you can confidently sell your product to your client.

Our inspection team wants to be your go-to choice for welding safety services. Call us now to learn more about what we offer.

Cost-Effective Welding Inspections

Hiring a certified welder is a cost-effective solution to weld issues down the road. At Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc, our non-destructive examinations prevent you from selling defective products with bonding issues and anything else that can cause problems upon use. Our inspectors are certified in conducting thorough inspections that are both quick and comprehensive. Once complete, you will receive a report that includes all the findings so you can make the appropriate adjustments.

You will get peace of mind that you're selling defective-free products. What's more, your customers will notice the superior quality of your products, enticing them to return for more.

When it comes to constructing weld products, implementing quality control measures is a valuable step that will keep your products highly revered and the best on the market. If you need a certified welding inspector, we will be happy to oversee the quality of your welds.

Contact Atlanta’s Best Weld Inspection Company

Moore Weld Professional Services, Inc is a trained and accredited weld inspection company. With full clearance, our AWS-certified weld inspectors provide in-depth inspections and reporting on a wide array of welds and welding facilities.

To discover what we can do for you, get in touch with our team today. We look forward to partnering with you.