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Moore Weld Professional Services, LLC is proud to provide professional welding inspection services right here in Augusta. Our goal is to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of the welding trade one inspection at a time.

With our experts in your corner, you can ensure that every welding project is completed safely and is built to last.

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Understanding the Role of a Welding Inspector Company

The role of a welding inspector is to assess the quality, strength, and safety of a welding project and ensure it’s ready to function properly as a part of a device or structure. Welding inspections are highly recommended with every welding project. Certified inspectors play a significant role in ensuring that professional welders use proper equipment and adhere to local and industry safety regulations.

If you are looking to hire a team of welders, it’s essential to hire a certified inspector as well. Not only will the inspector ensure the complete safety of the welding, but they’ll oversee the project, seeing that it is completed to your specifications and deadline.

Our inspection team wants to be your go-to choice for welding safety services – call us to learn more about what we offer.

A Range of Quality Welding Inspection Services

Our inspectors are proud to provide a wide range of welding inspection services, including but not limited to:

  • Inspections
  • NDT Inspections
  • VT - Visual Testing
  • PT – Penetrant Testing
  • MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Incoming materials inspection
  • Verification Inspection
  • Destructive Inspection
  • Guided Bend Testing
  • Macro Etch Testing

If you’re seeking an inspection service not listed above, please let us know. We’re confident we can accommodate your needs.

Work with a Certified Welding Inspector

As professional welding inspectors, we understand the importance of the work we do. We do not take our responsibilities lightly and train extensively to ensure we deliver quality inspections day in and day out.

We believe that you can always teach a new dog new tricks. As the industry evolves, we keep our fingers on the pulse, learning about innovative equipment and techniques to make your welding inspections safer than ever before.

Our team is also friendly and approachable. We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns and provide you with all the information you need.

If you have inquiries about our welding services, from our credentials to pricing information – please bring it forward to us at your earliest convenience.

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With a commitment to quality execution and client satisfaction, Moore Weld Professional Services, LLC is proud to have become one of the renowned welding inspector companies in the state. Our experts are specially trained to deliver thorough and efficient welding inspections, clear reports, and top-tier client care.

Whether you are a welding company that needs to review its equipment and techniques, or if you are having a welding service completed on your property, we are the experts to call.

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